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Add a a file describing deprecated features

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This file contains a list of features, which have been replaced by other options.
Thus these features are considered as deprecated and will be removed at some point
from the ELPA library.
A) Deprecated interfaces:
Deprecated interface Replacement
get_elpa_row_col_coms elpa_get_communicators
get_elpa_communicators elpa_get_communicators
solve_evp_real solve_evp_real_1stage
solve_evp_complex solve_evp_complex_1stage
mult_at_b_real elpa_mult_at_b_real
mult_ah_b_complex elpa_mult_ah_b_complex
invert_trm_real elpa_invert_trm_real
invert_trm_complex elpa_invert_trm_complex
cholesky_real elpa_cholesky_real
cholesky_complex elpa_cholesky_complex
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