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Commit 05e45b99 authored by Andreas Marek's avatar Andreas Marek

Merge branch 'master' into ELPA_GPU

parents 065e5150 862869d0
......@@ -378,7 +378,7 @@ elpa2_test_complex_default_kernel@SUFFIX@_LDADD = $(build_lib)
elpa2_test_complex_choose_kernel_with_api@SUFFIX@_SOURCES = test/fortran_test_programs/test_complex2_choose_kernel_with_api.F90 $(shared_sources) $(redirect_sources)
elpa2_test_complex_choose_kernel_with_api@SUFFIX@_LDADD = $(build_lib)
elpa2_print_kernels@SUFFIX@_SOURCES = src/print_available_elpa2_kernels.F90 $(shared_sources) $(redirect_sources)
elpa2_print_kernels@SUFFIX@_SOURCES = src/print_available_elpa2_kernels.F90 src/mod_precisionF90 $(shared_sources) $(redirect_sources)
elpa2_print_kernels@SUFFIX@_LDADD = $(build_lib)
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