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    Release version of ELPA_2015.02 · 9aa39397
    Andreas Marek authored
    As obvious from the previous commits, this release of ELPA
    introduces a (optional) QR-decomposition for real valued
    matrices. This option can be used at run-time by either setting
    an environment variable, or by calling the ELPA-2 solver for
    real matrices with an additional flag.
    Thus the ABI changed, w.r.t. previous versions.
    Furthermore, the build process of ELPA has been made more
    consistent. All optimization flags (especially O1, O2 etc.)
    have to be set at build time by the user via the CFLAGS, FCFLAGS,
    and CXXFLAGS variables. The configure script does not set
    automatically the "O-Flags" anymore.