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    Make ELPA ready for packaging as RPM · 7ea5c43a
    Lorenz Huedepohl authored
    This includes a number of changes:
    - ScaLAPACK2 on from the openSUSE:science repository is now correctly
      auto-detected. As ScaLAPACK2 already includes BLACS, an additional
      BLACS library must not be linked!
    - The resulting library is now called elpa-2014.06.000.so, as was
      probably originally intended anyway
    - The pkg-config file was renamed to elpa-2014.06.000.pc and filled with
      correct values. With this, a package using ELPA can easily get the
      necessary compilation and library flags.
    In this commit, only the "precious" files (Makefile.am, configure.ac,
    etc.) are included, to make clear what has been changed by hand.
    In the subsequent commit also all autoconf generated files will follow.