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    Introducing OpenMP functionality in ELPA_development_version_OpenMP · 48e712ef
    Andreas Marek authored
    This commit introduces OpenMP functionality in the
    ELPA_development_version_OpenMP branch.
    It contains several bugfixes to the OpenMP functionality in the
    branch "ELPA_development_version", the later will soon be deleted
    since the new branch is the new reference implementation.
    The current branch contains the following features/bugfixes:
    - building of the OpenMP version of ELPA via configure and the
      "--with-openmp" flag. The build library contains a "_mt"
      (multi-threaded) in its name.
      The configure procedure should (hopefully) determine for each
      compiler the neccessary OpenMP flags.
      If the "--with-openmp" flag is ommitted exactly the same code
      as in the ELPA 2013.08.001 release is used and build in the
      same way
    - The example test cases print which kernels have been used and
      how many OpenMP threads are used at runtime
    - correct handling of OpenMP stack arrays: the previous implementation
      caused compiler dependent segmentation faults
    - OpenMP capability with all available kernels: the correctness of
      the computations have been checked for all kernels except the
      Bluegene (P/Q) versions
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