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    Bugfix in ELPA_2015.11.001, roll back of minor changes · 402629d9
    Andreas Marek authored
    For some matrix/block size combinations the real case of ELPA2
    crashes, e.g:
    mpiexec -n 1 ./elpa2_test_real 50 50 32
    leads to an error message
     ** On entry to DGEMM parameter number  3 had an illegal value
     and a crash.
    This only seems to happen with matrix size smaller than 64*64.
    he code path responsible for this has been identified, but the problem
    tself is not yet solved!
    The part of the code, which causes these crashes, has been switched on
    as default by Intel in commit fe63372d. The rest of the commit fe63372d
    seems to be fine, and is performance critical.
    As an intermediate step, the responsible code path is switched off again
    as default, this will be changed again once the underlying root cause
    has been solved.
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