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    integration of C implementation of Cannon algorithm to ELPA · 3eb37776
    Pavel Kus authored
    this commit does not work, the generalized EVP problems fail from 2
    - Cannons algorithm does not work for the processor grid shape we use at
      the moment in tests (It only works if num. of process columns is a
      multiple of num. of process rows, which is not true in ELPA for 2 mpi
    - Cannons algorithm does not work as integrated to ELPA for larger
      matrices (not clear why at the moment)
    There are 2 new tests, which should work
    - test_cannon.c: it tests the new algorithm without going through
      Fortran, as it has been delivered
    - test_c_bindings: it tests transfering a 2D fortran matrix to C and
      back, as it is done with the cannons algorithm in the normal ELPA