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This file contains the release notes for the ELPA 2015.02.001 version
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What is new?

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Most importantly, the ABI of the ELPA libray changed!
A rebuild/relink of the user code using the ELPA library is mandatory!


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The only major change (which results in point a) is in the ELPA-2
part of the library for real matrices:

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the fully blocked QR decomposition has been moved from the development part
to the release!

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It is now possible to use this QR decomposition by either setting an
environment variable "ELPA_QR_DECOMPOSITION" to "yes", or to call the
"solve_evp_real_2stage" solver with the additional (optional) argument

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Note, that the environment variable always takes precedence over the setting in
the API call.

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Furthernote, that if neither the environment variable or the API keyword are not
set, or set to "no" or ".false.", respectively, then no qr decomposition is used
(i.e. the previous behaviour is maintained).

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The configure procedure was adapted to be more consistent. No compiler omptimization
flags are set automatically anymore, this is up to the user at build time

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Any incompatibles to previous version?

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As mentioned before, the ABI of ELPA has changed! It will be necessary
to rebuild the programs using ELPA, if this new version should be used.
Beware, using the new library with code which was build with an older verion
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should not even run. If it does, the results will be wrong !