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This file contains the release notes for the ELPA 2014.06.000 version

What is new?

With this release (and newer) it is not mandatory anymore to specify the real
and complex kernels at build-time! Instead the choice of kernel is now a
run-time option

The kernels can either be choosen by environment variables "REAL_ELPA_KERNEL" 
and "COMPLEX_ELPA_KERNEL", or in the code with an additional argument in
the call to the library (see the examples in ./test for more details)

It is still possible to build ELPA with a specific real and complex kernel, if 
one wants to obtain the old behaviour (see configure --help for the exact 

Any incompatibles to previous version?

The ABI of ELPA has changed! It will be necessary to rebuild the programs using
ELPA if this new version should be used. Beware, that not rebuilding the user 
programs most likely leads to undefined behaviour!