Commit 8a39fb83 authored by Volker Springel's avatar Volker Springel
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removed unused variable

parent 83a5629f
......@@ -289,8 +289,6 @@ void fof<partset>::subfind_hbt_single_group(domain<partset> *SubDomain, domain<p
/* sort the candidates by size */
mycxxsort(all_candidates, all_candidates + totcand, subfind_hbt_compare_subcand_len);
hbt_subcand_t maxlen_candidate = all_candidates[totcand - 1];
/* sort the candidates by summed previous length, as this is arguably a more robust decision of which one should be the largest
mycxxsort(all_candidates, all_candidates + totcand, subfind_hbt_compare_subcand_summedprevlen);
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