Commit 06d04a45 authored by Volker Springel's avatar Volker Springel
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added missing always open root node statement (a regression)

parent 8a39fb83
......@@ -157,6 +157,14 @@ class fofdata_comm : public generic_comm<fofdata_in, fofdata_out, T_tree, T_doma
fofnode *current = Tree->get_nodep(no, shmrank);
if(current->level == 0)
/* we always open the root node (its full node length can't be stored in the integer type */
no = current->nextnode; /* no change in shmrank expected here */
shmrank = current->nextnode_shmrank;
int nosaved = no;
no = current->sibling; /* in case the node can be discarded */
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