Commit bde9fe43 authored by dboe's avatar dboe
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changed indexing of dim_maps_dict

parent 2c26792e
......@@ -753,7 +753,7 @@ class Tensors(AbstractNdarray):
for i, obj in enumerate(remainingObjects):
tensors = np.append(tensors, obj, axis=0)
if len(tensors) == 0 and not 'dim' in kwargs:
if len(tensors) == 0 and 'dim' not in kwargs:
# if you can not determine the tensor dimension, search for the
# first object with some entries
for obj in objects:
......@@ -2046,40 +2046,47 @@ class TensorMaps(TensorFields):
inst, templates = (return_value, None)
dim_maps_dict = {} # {dim: {(obj_index(i), map_index(j): maps_field}}
# save map_index in order to be able to recover the exact same
# order in the template later
dim_maps_dict = {} # {dim: {obj_index(i): (map_index(j), maps_field)}}
for i, obj in enumerate(objects):
for j, map_field in enumerate(obj.maps):
map_field = map_field + cum_tensor_lengths[i]
if map_field.dim not in dim_maps_dict:
dim_maps_dict[map_field.dim] = {}
dim_maps_dict[map_field.dim][(i, j)] = map_field
dim_maps_dict[map_field.dim][i] = (j, map_field)
# for i, obj in enumerate(objects):
maps = []
template_maps_list = [[] for i in range(len(objects))]
for dimension in sorted(dim_maps_dict.keys()):
# sort by object index
keys = dim_maps_dict[dimension].keys()
obj_indices = [key[0] for key in keys]
map_indices = [key[1] for key in keys]
dim_maps = [dim_maps_dict[dimension][key] for key in keys]
obj_indices = sorted(dim_maps_dict[dimension].keys())
map_indices = [dim_maps_dict[dimension][i][0] for i in obj_indices]
dim_maps = [dim_maps_dict[dimension][i][1] for i in obj_indices]
obj_indices, map_indices, dim_maps = tfields.lib.util.multi_sort(
obj_indices, map_indices, dim_maps)
return_value = TensorFields.merged(
if return_templates:
mp, map_templates = return_value
mp, dimension_map_templates = return_value
for i in obj_indices:
j = map_indices[i]
templates[i].maps[j] = map_templates[i]
(j, dimension_map_templates[i])
mp = return_value
inst = cls.__new__(cls, inst, maps=maps)
if 'return_templates' in kwargs:
for i, template_maps in enumerate(template_maps_list):
templates[i] = tfields.TensorMaps(
maps=[val[1] for val in sorted(template_maps,
key=lambda x: x[0])])
return inst, templates
return inst
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