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removed all clutter for fresh dough invasion

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omit =
# omit plotting since they are hard to test
[submodule "make"]
path = make
url =
CURRENT_PATH := $(shell pwd)
MODULE := $(shell basename $(CURRENT_PATH))
VERSION := $(shell python -c "import sys; import $(MODULE); sys.stdout.write($(MODULE).__version__)")
SOURCES := $(shell find $(MODULE) -name '*.py')
SPHINXBUILD ?= sphinx-build
SPHINXBUILDDIR = docs/_build
test: FORCE
# py.test --doctest-modules
nosetests --with-doctest --logging-level=ERROR
# coverage run $(MODULE) test
nosetests --with-doctest --with-coverage --cover-erase --cover-package=$(MODULE)
coverage report
coverage html
firefox htmlcov/index.html
coverage erase
rm -rf docs/_build/*
rm -rf docs/source
@while [ -z "$$CONTINUE" ]; do \
read -r -p "Have you changed the __version__ attribute in <module_name>/ If yes, type Y or y to continue. Type anything else to exit. [y/N]: " CONTINUE; \
done ; \
[ $$CONTINUE = "y" ] || [ $$CONTINUE = "Y" ] || (echo "Exiting."; exit 1;)
@echo "... publishing ..."
@echo "New Version: $(VERSION)"
git tag -a v$(VERSION) -m "Version $(VERSION) tag" # tag version
git push origin v$(VERSION) # explicitly push tag to the shared server
rm -f dist/* # could become unnecessary, if you find a way to specify 'twine upload dist/transcoding-$(VERSION).tag.gz' in last step
python sdist # building package
twine upload dist/* # publish package
# remove last tag. mostly, because publishing failed
git tag -d v$(VERSION)
git push origin :refs/tags/v$(VERSION)
docs: Makefile $(SOURCES)
# link apidoc to source
sphinx-apidoc -o docs/source/ $(MODULE)
# build html documentation with sphinx
sphinx-build -M html docs docs/_build
# open the html slides
python -m webbrowser docs/_build/html/index.html
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