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......@@ -1503,6 +1503,26 @@ class TensorFields(Tensors):
weights = self.fields[weights]
return super(TensorFields, self)._weights(weights, rigid=rigid)
def plot(self, **kwargs):
Override Tensors plot method:
By default, vector fields are plotted with the quiver method
field_index = kwargs.pop('field_index', None)
if field_index is None:
artist = super(TensorFields, self).plot(**kwargs)
field = self.fields[field_index]
if field.dim == 1:
artist = super(TensorFields, self).plot(c=field, **kwargs)
elif field.dim in (2, 3):
artist = tfields.plotting.plot_tensor_field(self, field,
raise NotImplementedError("Field of dimension {field.dim}"
return artist
class TensorMaps(TensorFields):
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