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coord_sys was changing with empty grid. Fixed

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......@@ -57,10 +57,22 @@ class TensorGrid_Test(unittest.TestCase, TensorFields_Check):
tge = tg.explicit()
def test_coord_sys(self):
tg = TensorGrid.empty(
*, iter_order=self.iter_order, coord_sys=tfields.bases.CYLINDER
self.assertEqual(tg.coord_sys, tfields.bases.CYLINDER)
tge = tg.explicit()
self.assertEqual(tge.coord_sys, tfields.bases.CYLINDER)
def test_getitem(self):
tg = TensorGrid.empty(*, iter_order=self.iter_order)
tge = tg.explicit()
tf = tge[:-2]
self.assertIsInstance(tf, tfields.TensorFields)
class TensorGrid_Test_Permutation1(TensorGrid_Test):
Implementaiton of TensorGrid class
import numpy as np
from .lib import grid
from .core import TensorFields
......@@ -39,20 +42,40 @@ class TensorGrid(TensorFields):
def __getitem__(self, index):
if not self.is_empty():
return super().__getitem__(index)
return self.explicit().__getitem__(index)
item = self.explicit()
if isinstance(index, slice):
if (
index.step in (None, 1)
and index.start in (None, 0)
and index.stop in (None, -1, len(item))
# full slice -> no type change
# downgrade
item = TensorFields(item)
return item.__getitem__(index)
def from_base_vectors(cls, *base_vectors, tensors=None, fields=None, **kwargs):
Build the grid (explicitly) from base vectors
iter_order = kwargs.pop("iter_order", np.arange(len(base_vectors)))
if tensors is None:
tensors = TensorFields.grid(*base_vectors, iter_order=iter_order, **kwargs)
obj = cls(tensors, base_vectors=base_vectors, iter_order=iter_order)
obj = cls(tensors, base_vectors=base_vectors, iter_order=iter_order, **kwargs)
if fields:
# pylint:disable=attribute-defined-outside-init
obj.fields = fields
return obj
def empty(cls, *base_vectors, **kwargs):
Build the grid (implicitly) from base vectors
base_vectors = grid.ensure_complex(*base_vectors)
bv_lengths = [int(bv[2].imag) for bv in base_vectors]
tensors = np.empty(shape=(, 0))
......@@ -68,7 +91,7 @@ class TensorGrid(TensorFields):
base_vectors = obj.base_vectors
if not all(
[a == b for a, b in zip(base_vectors, obj.base_vectors)]
(a == b for a, b in zip(base_vectors, obj.base_vectors))
raise NotImplementedError("Non-alligned base vectors")
kwargs.setdefault("base_vectors", base_vectors)
......@@ -82,6 +105,10 @@ class TensorGrid(TensorFields):
return super().rank
def is_empty(self):
Check if the object is an implicit grid (base points are empty but base_vectors and iter
order can be used to build the explicit grid's base points).
return 0 in self.shape
def explicit(self):
......@@ -93,11 +120,18 @@ class TensorGrid(TensorFields):
return self.from_base_vectors(*base_vectors, **kwargs)
def change_iter_order(self, iter_order):
Transform the iter order
bv_lengths = [int(bv[2].imag) for bv in self.base_vectors]
field_swap_indices = grid.change_iter_order(
bv_lengths, self.iter_order, iter_order
# pylint:disable=access-member-before-definition
for field in self.fields:
field[:] = field[field_swap_indices]
# pylint:disable=attribute-defined-outside-init
self.iter_order = iter_order
self[:] = self.explicit()
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