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Bugfixes: download_divertor_load: If no request has been requested, still the...

Bugfixes: download_divertor_load: If no request has been requested, still the code gave the comment that a requested has been made--> fixed; download_images_by_times: double entries in time and image vector for datasets larger than 1s has been fixed.
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26.03.2019: Upadte to V3.2.0:
08.02.2020: Update to V3.4.0
- Bugfix: download_images_by_times produzierte doppelte Werte im Zeit und Bildvektor
Update to V3.3.3:
Update to V3.3.2:
Update to V3.3.1:
Update to V3.3.0:
Update to V3.2.5:
Update to V3.2.4:
Update to V3.2.3:
- bugfix: finding right version for meta informations
Update to V3.2.2:
- bugfix: fix of paths due to movement of data from Test Archive to ArchiveDB; range overflow fix for calibration
- fix: timeout, closing of connections
- changes: modification of download_heatflux_mapping_reference():
- The points of the vertical target in 'X' and 'Y' get now shifted and rotated to appear on top of the horizontal target in order to avaoid overlap when plotting.
- Added new boolean peremter 'get_thickness=False' triggers optional calculation of distance of profile points to adjacent profiles. This is used to derive a thickness of the profile at each point for integration of heat loads.
- changes: systematically used named parameter instead of positional
- changes: removed unecessary trigger call
- changes: made get_calib() flexible for program/t0/t1 input
- changes: fixes and improvements with portnr, T_version
- changes: testmode=False is now default
Update to V3.2.1:
- bugfixes: (1) load request, (2) AEF50 data got nuced with 0, fixed
26.03.2019: Update to V3.2.0:
- scne model download possible
- scene model reference download possible for heat flux data
- downsampled temperature image stream possible
- extration of temperature profiles possible
Update V3.1.2:
- bugfix: versioning and smaller bugs
Update V3.1.1:
- bugfix: path building, versioning of raw data
22.01.2019: Update to V3.1.0:
- Integrated load added as download function and new Data in ArchiveDB
27/28/29.11.2018: update to V3
- add file
- add
......@@ -48,6 +84,8 @@ bugfixes in downloadversionIRdata:
- fixed: wrong time intervall for TC divertor data
V3.4.0: chaching functionality included, request for all cameras included + Bugfixes
V3.3.0: code-cleaning, unification of variable names, new functions: get_trigger_from_PID,
V3.2.0: download of scene models possible, temperature profiles can be extracted, downsampled temperature images available
V3.1.0: add of divertor loads in the upload and the download
V3.0.2: change the upload of heat flux from float64 to float32. extract profile accepts now also timewindows.
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