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......@@ -26,12 +26,20 @@ In order to install Julia on your computer, perform the following steps:
- Install uber-juno through installation manager in atom.
- Set the Julia path to the Julia binary that was installed in the first step (Use settings -> packages -> Julia -> setting).
- Start Julia.
- If you are installing PyCall and PyPlot for the first time, just do ENV["PYTHON"]="" followed by"PyCall") before running Pkg.add("PyPlot").
Before running simulations, always run the file "init.jl". It is necessary to do it every time you start Julia, but not for every simulation.
Before running simulations. It is necessary to install the package
using Pkg
using HermiteGF
In order to run parallel simulations, it is necessary to start Julia with appropriate amount of processes. Command line example:
julia -p 16 -L $HOME/hermiteGF/Julia/init.jl $HOME/hermiteGF/Julia/test_dependence_on_N.jl
We ask you to cite the following reference in scientific publica-
tions which contain results obtained with this software and developments:
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