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corrected build command and added an example

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# igui_exporter
# Build docker image
docker build -t . igui_exporter
docker build -t igui_exporter .
# Run the docker image
docker run --rm igui_exporter --host katcp_host --port katcp_port --igui-url --igui-user user --igui-pass pass --igui-parent <parent_name>:: --log-level debug
docker run --host katcp_host --port katcp_port --igui-url --igui-user user --igui-pass pass --igui-parent <parent_name>:: --log-level debug
# Example
docker run igui_exporter --host --port 53125 --igui-url --igui-user <username> --igui-pass <pass> --igui-parent EPT_TIC:: --log-level DEBUG
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