Commit f8808bc9 authored by Cristian Lalescu's avatar Cristian Lalescu
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fix base_class value

parent 41dd558e
......@@ -37,34 +37,36 @@ def main():
'-v', '--version',
action = 'version',
version = '%(prog)s ' + bfps.__version__)
choices = ['NavierStokes',
NSoptions = ['NavierStokes',
FRoptions = ['FluidResize',
choices = NSoptions + FRoptions,
type = str)
# first option is the choice of base class or -h or -v
# all other options are passed on to the base_class instance
opt = parser.parse_args(sys.argv[1:2])
# error is thrown if first option is not a base class, so launch
# cannot be executed by mistake.
if opt.base_class in ['NavierStokes-double',
if 'double' in opt.base_class:
precision = 'double'
precision = 'single'
c = eval('{0}(fluid_precision = \'{1}\')'.format(opt.base_class, precision))
if opt.base_class in NSoptions:
base_class = NavierStokes
elif opt.base_class in FRoptions:
base_class = FluidResize
c = base_class(fluid_precision = precision)
c.launch(args = sys.argv[2:])
return None
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