Commit eb89d755 authored by Cristian Lalescu's avatar Cristian Lalescu
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add some debug messages to fluid resize

parent 6eb4cce7
......@@ -75,15 +75,21 @@ class fluid_resize(bfps.fluid_base.fluid_particle_base):
dst_dkx, dst_dky, dst_dkz);
fs0->iteration = iteration;
fs1->iteration = 0;
DEBUG_MSG("about to read field\\n");
fs0->read('v', 'c');
DEBUG_MSG("field read, about to copy data\\n");
double a, b;
a = 0.5*fs0->autocorrel(fs0->cvelocity);
b = 0.5*fs0->autocorrel(fs0->cvorticity);
DEBUG_MSG("old field %d %g %g\\n", fs0->iteration, a, b);
copy_complex_array<{0}>(fs0->cd, fs0->cvorticity,
fs1->cd, fs1->cvorticity,
DEBUG_MSG("data copied, about to write new field\\n");
fs1->write('v', 'c');
DEBUG_MSG("finished writing\\n");
a = 0.5*fs1->autocorrel(fs1->cvelocity);
b = 0.5*fs1->autocorrel(fs1->cvorticity);
DEBUG_MSG("new field %d %g %g\\n", fs1->iteration, a, b);
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