Commit df734956 authored by Cristian Lalescu's avatar Cristian Lalescu
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tweak nasty particle cloud test

use less iterations, and only run one job.
parent 43c5cfec
......@@ -114,27 +114,21 @@ def nasty_test():
'-n', '32',
'-n', '8',
'--src-simname', 'B32p1e4',
'--simname', c.simname,
'--forcing_type', 'linear',
'--src-wd', TurTLE.lib_dir + '/test',
'--src-iteration', '0',
'--np', '4',
'--ntpp', '1',
'--ntpp', '2',
'--fftw_plan_rigor', 'FFTW_PATIENT',
'--niter_todo', '{0}'.format(niterations),
'--niter_out', '{0}'.format(niterations),
'--niter_stat', '1',
'--nparticles', '{0}'.format(nparticles),
'--njobs', '2',
'--njobs', '1',
'--wd', './'])
f0 = h5py.File(
os.path.join(TurTLE.lib_dir, 'test'),
f1 = h5py.File(c.get_checkpoint_0_fname(), 'r')
print('SUCCESS! Nasty test passed.')
return None
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