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......@@ -37,14 +37,20 @@ Installation
If you want to run simulations on the machine where you're installing,
you will need to call `build` before installing.
Before executing any command, please modify ``
appropriately for your machine (otherwise the `build` command will most
likely fail).
This file will be copied the first time you run `` into
`$HOME/.config/bfps/`, where it will be imported from
You may, obviously, edit it afterwards and rerun the build command as
.. code:: bash
python build
python install
The `build` command will most likely fail unless you modify
`` appropriately for your machine.
Also, in order to run the C++ code you need to have an MPI compiler
installed, the HDF5 C library as well as FFTW 3 (at least 3.3 I think).
......@@ -11,3 +11,4 @@ x 2016-01-07 FFTW interpolator doesn't need its own field
x 2016-01-08 simplify tracer/field addition mechanism @design +v1.0 +particle_api
x 2016-01-08 add stat choice parameter to add_particles @design +v1.0 +particle_api
x 2016-01-15 particle output is broken when niter_part != 1 @bugfix
x 2016-01-19 clean up machine_settings mess @design @documentation +v2.0
......@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@
(B) set up mechanism for adding in new PDEs @design +v2.0 +alternate_algorithms
(B) tweak HDF5 settings @optimization @HDF5 +I/O
(B) use less memory @optimization
(C) clean up machine_settings mess @design @documentation +v2.0
(C) code overview @documentation
(C) move stat I/O to cpp lib @design @HDF5
(C) test involving hydrodynamic similarity @tests
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