Commit de14bf2a authored by Pilar Cossio's avatar Pilar Cossio
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Checks for reading model

parent b9d0da84
......@@ -139,9 +139,22 @@ int bioem_model::readModel(const char* filemodel)
else //Reading model from FILE FORMAT x,y,z,rad,density
char line[128];
int numres = 0;
NormDen = 0.0;
string strfilename(filemodel);
size_t foundpos= strfilename.find(".pdb");
size_t endpos = strfilename.find_last_not_of(" \t");
if(foundpos < endpos){
cout << "Warining:::: .pdb dectected in file name whilst using text read \n";
cout << "Warining:::: Are you sure you do not need --ReadPDB? \n";
FILE *file = fopen ( filemodel , "r" );
if (file == NULL)
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