Commit ddd6cbd9 authored by Luka Stanisic's avatar Luka Stanisic
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cudaPeekAtLastError seems to be more accurate in terms of the error code

parent 8652ab17
......@@ -288,7 +288,7 @@ int bioem_cuda::compareRefMaps(int iOrient, int iConv, myfloat_t amp, myfloat_t
cuDoRefMapsFFT<<<divup(num, CUDA_THREAD_COUNT), CUDA_THREAD_COUNT, 0, cudaStream[j & 1]>>>(iOrient, iConv, amp, pha, env, pFFTtmp[j & 1], sumC, sumsquareC, pProb_device, param.param_device, *gpumap, num, i);
if (GPUDualStream)
checkCudaErrors(cudaEventRecord(cudaFFTEvent[1], cudaStream[1]));
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