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......@@ -833,7 +833,7 @@ are written. The orientations in this file are sorted in decreasing log-posterio
Overview of keywords for the input-parameter file
In the following, we provide a list of the possible keywords read from
the input-parameter.
......@@ -928,8 +928,6 @@ Optional keywords:
- :inpar:`WRITE_PROB_ANGLES` ``(int)``: To write out the posterior as
a function of the best ``(int)`` orientation.
.. _anaout:
File Formats
......@@ -1037,6 +1035,7 @@ orientations file is described in the following:
end of each line an extra column (of format “%12.6f”) that indicates
the value of the prior probability for each orientation.
.. _anaout:
Output format
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