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......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ Welcome to BioEM's documentation!
P.Cossio, D. Rohr, Fabio Baruffa, Luka Stanisic, Markus Rampp, V. Lindestruth, G. Hummer
P. Cossio, D. Rohr, F. Baruffa, L. Stanisic, M. Rampp, V. Lindestruth, G. Hummer
......@@ -400,7 +400,7 @@ input-parameter file. Lastly, we describe the specific formats of the
model, particle-image, and input-parameter files that are used in the
BioEM software.
Commandline Input
Commandline input
The BioEM software requires a model, a set of experimental images and
......@@ -537,7 +537,7 @@ of the posterior (see section :ref:`anaout` for its format).
.. _inparam:
Input of Physical Parameters
Input of physical parameters
Up to now, we have seen several commandline inputs that can be used in
......@@ -928,7 +928,7 @@ Optional keywords:
- :inpar:`WRITE_PROB_ANGLES` ``(int)``: To write out the posterior as
a function of the best ``(int)`` orientation.
File Formats
File formats
.. _modformat:
......@@ -2132,7 +2132,7 @@ BioEM:
.. _modcom:
Example: Model comparison using BioEM
Example: model comparison using BioEM
BioEM should be used for model comparison and ranking. Here, we provide
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